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Kumul Minerals Holdings Limited (KMHL) is the national mining company of Papua New Guinea, beneficially owned by the nation. The company has been mandated as the exclusive nominee to hold and manage investment in mining assets on behalf of the Independent State of PNG.
Kumul Minerals Holdings’s main industries are: Minerals & Mining
Kumul Minerals Holdings appears in search results as Kumul Minerals Holdings Ltd or KMHL
Kumul Minerals Holdings headquarters are located in Papua New Guinea, KUMUL MINERALS HOLDINGS LIMITED Petromin Haus, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea PO Box 2032, PORT MORESBY 121, NCD , Papua New Guinea
Kumul Minerals Holdings has 35 employees including Board of Directors
Kumul Minerals’ mandate is stipulated under Section 7 of the Kumul Minerals Holdings Limited Authorisation Act 2015, and it includes the following key roles: –
  • To participate directly and indirectly in mineral resource projects as State Nominee or through separate investment programs for the benefit of the State.
  • To venture into mineral industry and operate mining related businesses in PNG covering upstream, midstream, and downstream activities.
  • To maximise the value of the shareholder’s investment in the Company.
  • Ok Tedi Mining Limited
  • New Porgera Limited
  • Wafi-Golpu Joint Venture
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